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Read our new 2016 Packaging Efficiency Study and press release!

MARCH, 2014
Review of Summary of a Study on the Life Cycle Energy of Plastics
Read our just released review of a new study.

Review of Peer Reviewed Study on the Life Cycle Energy of Plastics
Read our review of a new study.

JUNE, 2010
Review of LCI on 100% Postconsumer Plastic
Read our just released review of a recent study.

ULS Report Comes to FOX TV
ULS Report Editor Bob Lilienfeld will be hosting a montly environmental segment on FOX TV. Learn more.

ULS Finishes Up Successful TV Tour
Bob Lilienfeld hit 11 cities in 12 days to help Americans celebrate Earth Day. View some clips.

The New Coke Bottle
Bob is interviewed by Food & Beverage Packaging magazine about Coke's new PlantBottle, which derives 30% of its plastic from sugarcane. Read the article.

Preventing "Greenwashing" is working to help the packaging industry improve the accuracy and legality of its environmental marketing claims. ULS Editor Bob Lilienfeld was asked to provide a few tips, and here they are.

AUGUST, 2009
How Green Are Reusable Bags?

Not all recyclable bags are the same, or are they? ULS Editor Bob Lilienfeld was interviewed on the subject by NPR. Read the article and listen to the broadcast.

"ULS Announces Sustainable Products Certification Program"
Packaging World magazine has produced a great story on the web, in print, and via podcast. To learn more, go to our Sustainable Products page, April-May-June newsletter, or read the press release. We're also pleased to be mentioned in a new story on

"10 Things Green Companies Won't Tell You"
This is a great roundup piece by Elizabeth O'Brien in SmartMoney magazine. Editor Bob Lilienfeld helped with the research. Read the article.

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