Helping You Make
A More Sustainable Choice™
ULS Certiifcation Mark

Earth friendly. Recyclable. Environmentally safe. Biodgradable. Compostable. The list of marketing claims and superlatives seeems to get bigger and more confusing daily.

To help you make more informed decisions about the products and packages you take home every day, we are allowing companies to feature a special ULS logo if they can prove that:

• Their product or package reduces waste or
   energy consumption by at least 20% when
   compared to previous versions or similar

• Their claims meet FTC guidelines for    environmental marketing statements.

Why should you trust us?

This is a great question, and one that shows you're thinking critically!

First, we base our decisions on sound science. Whenever possible, we use peer-reviewed scientific studies to make certification decisions. To help us stay objective, our Advisory Board includes life cycle, environmental and packaging scientists (as well as a garbologist).

Second, we do not earn licensing royalties based on sales volume. We charge a fee to do the initial and annual certification work, and do not earn royalties. Keeping fees small keeps us objective.

Third, we operate transparently. We are happy to provide you with our product and packaging analysis documents.

You can see which products have been certified and why. Or, learn more if you are interested in having your product participate. (Read what Packaging World magazine has to say.)



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